Online magazine documenting the way of life, willpower, methods, inspiration and influence of polyvalent creators.

We’re interested in people who don’t settle for being good at just one particular thing, or one form of art technique or medium. We’re seeking those jacks of most trades, but masters of some. Be it they do what they do as a adjacent hobby or as a complementary occupation for their main skill, we seek them out in all domains and forms of art and sit down for a chat to bring you what they have to share.

Consists mainly of interviews, but also updates, events, new projects and reviews of and from the people featured.

“Shamans” because it was said that they were the medium between the visible real world and the invisible spirit world, and, most important, they were masters of a number of practices.

“The shaman is the prototypic figure at the beginning of human history that unites the doctor, the scientist and the artist […] This notion of the artist as mystical journeyer, as one who goes into a world unseen by others, and then returns to tell them of it.”

– Terence McKenna



 *Project currently on hold, see the content at

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